Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

the world fully opens to you now.

Yes , you guessed it , its about P1 W1MAX!
okay , for years we never had a competitor for our Telekom's Streamyx , and the speed was alright but right after P1 W1MAX entered the ring , the internet speed became better. So what am i trying to say? With competition we perform better.

Its true , perfect example , politics in Malaysia.

They have two packages , the Portable Modem Wiggy and Desktop Modem with Wifi. The first one is freaking small , freaking light and looks freaking classy! The second one has Wifi so that you can save your money on router!AND mind you NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!! To my surprise the portable one can be topped up with prepaid?!? dang!

P1 proudly brings you P1 W1MAX, the service where you can surf on our high-speed wireless broadband network with the ease of a plug-and-play modem-xxx. Okay , so whats the plus points you ask? first of all according to their website , it has super fast connection , dota?no problem! Secondly , no phone line required...yes i can see you smile:). Thirdly , you just have to plug and play...that is crazy, just like thumb drives , okay maybe i am a little carried away by this:P. Their website also says they have great rates , so they have all this amazing features and come with a great rate???i hope it means a cheaper rate!!!The last one is that they say it has extended coverage , although currently not available in my place , im very sure they'll get it here very soon and i am waiting for the switch!

See this is what we want in Malaysia , something that could compete on the international scale . We do not want something that is outdated and laughed at. We want something that the tourists will talk about , something we could brag about. We have always been at the backbench...its our turn to sit in front and be able to talk. How? by supporting these great products that are up to date , competitive and creative.

And not forgetting one of the big things recently the project alpha season 2 , check it out here

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


  1. Just replying what you've said in my Valaikappu's post.

    Yeah, I've heard about Indian Muslim and Mamak are often mistakenly used ... Indian Muslim from our term is Indian Muslim-Indian Muslim from like ages ago starting from our ancestors & grandparents. But I heard my dad saying we have a new term - Rauthars or something like that.

    Mamak - I've always believed pinpointed to Indian Muslim-Indian Muslim. But then again, I'm not so sure.

    And just wanted to correct something, people who are childrens of Malay and Indian Muslim are called Mami's.

  2. @Sakira
    Hi :)
    I've always thought that mamaks were from the peranakan family in kedah and mallaca back before the dutchs and the ones in penang afterwards whom for both their paternal greats were tamil muslims.But nowadays every indian muslim even pashtuns are referred to as mamaks .

    Maybe i am terribly wrong at this matter.

    I don't know about Rauthars but most non-muslim Telugus call indian muslims Turrukawaru(Telugu)to refer to their turkish parentage , but often said in their absence to avoid any offence.